Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About D da Dhaba

Cooking has been my love ever since I was a kid. I remember voluntarily helping my mom in the kitchen while she cooked some yummy stuff. As years passed by I realised that cooking , being at home and taking care of the house is what I really love and this is what I really want to do after I am married. Today I am happily a housewife , managing my house all by myself. Yes my husband hardly enters the kitchen and he has cooked only thrice in the last 9 months. This is coz I dnt let him cook or do any household chores.
I think being a housewife in the US takes the best out of your culinary skills. You have all the time you need and in this time what you think about the most is Cooking ( at least I do and I am sure most do) Then you have the google search right on your desktop and every dish is just a click away. And the best part is that you have various versions of the same dish. ' Mix n match ' and add your little imagination and the end result is a yuummmmy dish which makes your husband fall in love with you all over again.
After reading so many blogs about cooking , I am now really tempted to write one of my own . This I think has two advantages. One obvious advantage is that I get to share my recipes with everyone. And two , i dnt need to maintain a cook book. :) I have my own recipes handy.
The recipes I plan to write here are the ones that are tried, tasted as well as tested by me. Some are authentic , some traditional and some my own versions . Some found on the net , some in recipe books , some by mom and some by mom-in-law. You will not find pics of many of my dishes . Now that's coz when I cook I get so engrossed in it that I forget to click a snap. :) and after the dish is ready we cannot wait to eat it.
Now before I start my blog, a small history behind the name 'D' da dhabba. D or Dee is my pet name with my friends. So when my friends were planning to come here for further studies they used to tell me jokingly that when I get here I should start my own dhaba and provide dabba service and FedEx them food. So when I was deciding on a name for my blog the only name that I thought apt was this.