Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Made Ghee

Yes!! Making ghee at home is one of the simplest things that I have come across. I dnt know why it took me two years in the US to realise that making ghee at home is more convinient and economical than running to an Indian store nearby . But I didnt realise this until I was running out of ghee for making diwali sweets and had no time to run to an Indian store.
So here is how you do it
  • 1 lb of unsalted butter . I used Trader joe's . But any brand works
And here i show you do it
  1. In a heavy bottom pan (vessel), heat the butter on a medium flame.
  2. After all the butter has melted , bring it to a boil.
  3. Then reduce the flame to low and let the butter boil.
  4. You will see froth developing on the butter.
  5. Blow air over the froth to check the butter. You will see milk solids settling at the bottom .
  6. Now remove this froth slowly without disturbing the ghee,
  7. After some time the butter will stop boiling , this is when you know that your ghee is ready.
  8. At this point either remove it from the flame or simmer it on a very low flame for a more brown color,
  9. Cool it and then strain using a strainer or a cheese/muslin cloth.


  1. Agaaaa, but you missed the most important finishing step...Adding a couple of leaves of 'khau che paan' a.k.a. betel leaves. Dunno if you can get them in the US, but you add them as the last step before you siphon the ghee, essentially frying them. You then remove them and can chomp on them! They impart a fantastic fragrance to the ghee and prevent it from getting rancid.

  2. This gheee is really flavourful... Nice space